You have arrived to your holiday destination in Split, Croatia! You are finally on Your holiday, the holiday You’ve been waiting for so long.
Are You ready to relax and let go?
Are You ready for something different?
If the answer is Yes, then You are in the right place at the right time, and if You are reading this text, You will soon be in the best hands!!!

Among the numerous touristic offers, the skipper duo Željko and Hrvoje have managed to find one nook to be filled out. With what? With rich experience, vast knowledge, individual approach, sense of family, high-quality service and charm.

Just by talking to You Željko and Hrvoje will be able to create a tour of Your dreams. They will know how to choose the island You’ve always dreamed of, to pick that bay You will always remember. They will create the atmosphere You couldn’t even hope for, they will show You the scenic summary of this Heaven on Earth, and they will intrigue You just enough with stories and details of history and present days of this region. They will reveal to You the most beautiful landscapes of this area and help You enjoy their timeless beauty. They will make You feel as if You were among friends but at the same time they will respect Your moments of privacy and intimacy. It doesn’t matter if You come with Your spouse, friends or family, Željko and Hrvoje are the right choice for You. With their kind and friendly nature they will help You achieve a bit of magic in Your adventure.

Željko and Hrvoje are on good terms with God of the wind Eol and God of the sea Poseidon is their best friend.

But kidding aside, their mutual respect and lifelong friendship are the best guarantee of Your safety and relaxation. The most important thing in the “sea of life” is to be in the hands of trustworthy skippers!