Enough places and volumes, without any waste. Everything is though out, functional and built with precise goals. The seats have been designed to give the maximum possible comfort and are made according with the best ergonomic modern studies. Created for the comfort and enjoyment of the open air life, the ZAR 65 is fast and safe, soft on the waves, manageable and nimble also in the worst see conditions. The ZAR 65 is also a fantastic place to enjoy the sun and the sea. Two huge front and back sun beds, a comfortable front dinette with table, many many peaks and enough place for easy life on board.

Design / create / choose Dalmatia tailored by your own taste


Length - 6.5 m
Width - 2.55 m
Net weight - 850 kg
Watertight compartments - 6
Tubular diameter - 53 cm
Fuel Capacity - 250 lit
Water Capacity - 55 lit
Power - 200 hp
Max. speed - 45 kts
Cruising speed - 30 kts
Maximum passengers - 8