Island Hvar - A toast in the arms of the sun

It is as if the sea and forest ferries gathered their magic dust and sprinkled it all over the island of Hvar to combine all the colours and aromas of Mediterranean, all the culture and history and all the natural and geographical beauties in that one magical place. It is not by chance that Hvar bears the title of king among the Dalmatian islands and is often found on the list of the top ten most beautiful islands of the world!

With longitude of 68,2 km and latitude of 10,5 km, its slim line is situated in the heart of the Dalmatian archipelago, among the islands of Šolta, Brač, Vis and Korčula so its position and attractiveness make it an inevitable nautical destination in this part of the Adriatic. Its touristic popularity lasts more than a century. Because of the climatic benefits and mild winters, the winter medical tourism has been developing on the island since the 19.ct. under the patronage of the Hygienist society (Higijeničarsko društvo). It is one of the oldest societies working on the promotion of tourism on the island. At the beginning of the 20.ct. this society participated in the demolition of the Rector's Palace (Knežev dvor) in the city of Hvar and on that same place they established the hotel Elizabet, todays hotel Palace. Even before the WW I Czech, Austrian and Hungarian nobility considered the island of Hvar to be a fashionable destination, they even nicknamed it "Austrian Madeira", after the famous Portuguese tourist destination in the Atlantic.

The island of Hvar is impregnated with ancient patina and the most aromatic subtropical vegetation, its rugged coastline offers intimacy in the shade of pines as well as pleasure of visiting one of the numerous elite bars and clubs where You can enjoy music and wild parties together with visitors from around the world. Hvar - the island with charm that cannot be described! We are ready to present Hvar to You in accordance with Your individual interests... because Hvar has got a hundred faces and each one of them is equally charming and unique! Whatever You choose to visit on this amazing island there is one thing You must not miss - the selection of the island's celebrated wines! Their tradition of winemaking originated in Ancient Greece and winemakers of Hvar produce more than 50.000 hectolitres of wine per year. Large number of sunny hours per year (around 2730 hours) together with relatively low air humidity and perfect soil make the perfect combination for producing one of the island's characteristic wine sorts. Hvar is known for its red wines so we would like to recommend to You plavac mali, (red wine sort) cultivated on the southern slopes of the island. If white wine is more suitable to Your taste, You should choose bogdanuša (white wine sort) the island's authentic wine sort. As the true wine connoisseur You can experience all this in one of the numerous wineries and taverns on the island. Read more

Private skipper, fuel, passenger and luggage insurance, taxes, water and "dalmatian" snacks, jackets, snorkeling equipment, shower on boat
Anything not specified in "Included” or cruising not related to the itinerary.

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Guest pick up at the accommodation location



Transportation to the boat



Coffee on the boat in Splitska vrata / bay Livka in Šolta



Panoramic sightseeing of Devil islands beautiful bays with swimming time



Brunch on the boat: dalmatian delicacies and swimming time



Lunch by choice: Devil islands / Milna / Hvar



Town of Hvar sightseeing / swimming time



Departure to Split



Arrival in Split

Changes in the itinerary can be made due to the weather conditions or skipper’s decision


May, June, July, August, September, October
PRICE - 750€ / approx. 5.625kn

Number of persons - maximum 8
Recommendation - 4 persons

750€ / approx. 5.625kn