Šolta is also known as the historical "summer house" for the residents of the city Split. It is only 9 nautical miles away from Split and it is one of the most attractive excursion sites of the domicile population. Šolta has still preserved the spirit of authenticity and wilderness, the soul of simplicity and vitality that living on an island imparts. The island of Šolta is uncorrupted God given destination with great historical beauty.
Immersed into the turquoise sea and caressed by strong sea currents Šolta represents non-commercialized pearl of Central Dalmatian archipelago. Its trademark is the Eurasian scops owl - a small owl (otus scops) - which symbolizes wisdom and affection, but also abundant flora and fauna. In fact, there are 132 bird species on the island, and one of them is the tawny eagle (aguila rapax) for whom Šolta is the only habitat in Croatia.


In the year 1703. the noble family Marchi asked the Venetian providur for permission to establish the new settlement, and to build a church and a castle to defend themselves from frequent pirate attacks. This is the beginning of the story of the small fishing village of Maslinica. The origin of its name comes from the word maslina (olive tree), a plant that dominates most of the island, combined with the aroma of aromatic herbs. Today Maslinica is more touristic than fishing destination and its natural beauty is enriched with historical and architectural values of the beautiful baroque castle transformed into the luxurious hotel and restaurant Martinis - Marchi. There are also picturesque folk houses in which many families deal in production of natural cosmetics and island delicacies: olive oil, wine, liqueurs, and jam and honey made of rosemary.
Maslinica will enchant every nature, sea and beach enthusiast. Besides beautiful pebble beaches and stone plateaus You can also visit seven desolated islands situated in front of Maslinica. There You can enjoy swimming and/or watching the most memorable sunsets. This playful archipelago, together with waters surrounding it make very alluring destination for swimming, sunbathing and nautical tourism enthusiasts, as well as diving and sport fishing fanciers.